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Kushner Electric has a master electrician's 20+ years of experience. You want to get the best value for your money.

Emergency Calls

Something gone haywire? Sometimes you need a responsive electrician to attend to your woes. Kushner Electric will make an effort to get to you any time of the day to make sure your problem is solved.


Friendly and easy to talk to, Kushner Electric will make sure you're heard. Powered by an enthusiasm for all things electric, you'll get an explanation about the Why and the What.



Ah, luxury. The vision of what you've always wanted your home to look like... Make it come true!


Purchase new equipment with confidence, knowing it will be installed properly.


Stuff breaks; it happens! You want it repaired quickly and reliably by a certified professional.


A safe home is a happy home. From outlets to alarms, your living-space can be made worry-free.


Put your mind at ease with expert installation of modern security equipment.


Does your electrical equipment seem dated? It may be time to replace it.

Licenses And Acclaim

Maryland State License #13179
Baltimore City License #M5687
Baltimore County License #MG12529
Howard County License #ES10393


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